We Know Learners

Today’s learner is almostĀ  a new breed, whether young or old. Linked information, rich media, and expanded search capabilities provide so many paths to learning that the learner can quickly become overwhelmed. I remember setting up a carefully planned lesson for a group of middle schoolers a few years ago, complete with guided questions and limited options. I was aghast when the students sat down that the computers and zipped through all the pages in the lesson one right after another, and then began clicking on any link they could find on the page. This kind of learning, I said to myself, is not for the faint of heart or slow of foot.

At LearnAbout Labs we have created a blended and balanced learning environment for students. The LearnAbout itself, as a mobile learning device, provides plenty of action for even the most voracious learner, with texts, audio support, video support, and teacher guidance all seamlessly available on the device. But make no mistake, reading is a key to the success of the LearnAbout, which provides plenty of text experience to build students’ vocabularies and ability to comprehend text. That students can augment their texts with supports to understanding from the world of rich media experiences enhances the experience of learning rather than overwhelming it. Once you have tried the LearnAbout interface and engaged with all the learning opportunities that it offers, you will see how blending text-based and non-text-based learning provides the best in a balanced approach.