Kepler and the Search for Life Beyond Earth

Created as a high-interest eReadUp, this supplemental science book chronicles the exploits of the Kepler Spacecraft and its quest to discover planets outside our own solar system that might, just might, harbor life. Known as “Goldilocks planets” because they are neither too cold not too warm, these astronomical bodies are extremely elusive to discover because their distance from earth and the brightness of the stars they circle make them nearly invisible.

This multi-chapter eReadUp contains the following chapters drawn from the pages of the world’s most compreshensive and up-to-date encyclopedia, Wikipedia:

  1. Terrestrial Planet
  2. Kepler Scacecraft
  3. Extrasolar Planet
  4. Methods of Detecting Extrasolar Planets
  5. Tycho Brahe
  6. Extraterrestrial Life
  7. Goldilocks Planet

Available in the popular ePub file format, as well as Kindle format, and PDF.

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