We Know Devices


Learnabout Labs has developed the perfect “learning applicance,” the Learnabout VMR101. This Android-based tablet ereader and computer holds all the texts you need to complete a challenging high school curriculum. In addition, the Learnabout connects you with the vast learning resources of the Internet, including instructional videos, open courseware from some of the finest...
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We Know Android


The Android operating system is the fastest growing OS for mobile devices, powering smartphones and tablets, as well as ereaders like the Nook Color. At LearnAbout Labs, we understand all the different releases of Android, as well as the ins and outs of navigating the system for educational purposes.
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We Know Curriculum


LearnAbout Labs and its parent eReadia have long been associated with the best free and open source educational resources. As a founding member of the Connexions Consortium and the developer of the B-Pack and eReadUps Reference Books, the Labs have been deeply involved in bringing the best educational content to ereaders for over three...
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We Know Learners


Today’s learner is almost  a new breed, whether young or old. Linked information, rich media, and expanded search capabilities provide so many paths to learning that the learner can quickly become overwhelmed. I remember setting up a carefully planned lesson for a group of middle schoolers a few years ago, complete with guided questions...
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