SAT Prep Math Practice Book (“New Book”)


This book is used in conjunction with the Khan Acaademy SAT math prep videos. Click on the cover to buy at Amazon.
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SAT Prep Math Practice Book (“Old Book”)


This book accompanies the SAT Math video bundles from Khan Academy. Click on the cover to purchase at Amazon.
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SAT Math Prep from Khan Academy

Video from LearnABout Labs

The videos in this Curricu-Chip(tm) Bundle come from Khan Academy’s playlist of instructional videos. From the Khan Academy site: We have done all 8 math practice tests (432 problems) in the old version of “The Official SAT Study Guide” by the College Board. If you have the new version of the book with 10...
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The Curricu-Chip ™ 2GB Micro-SD

Micro-SD chip

Like the 2GB SD chip, the Micro-SD Curricu-Chip is a great size chip to get started with. It holds lots of videos, audios, and texts, and it fits in a wide variety of devices, including some smartphones! When selecting content for your chip, remember that the 2GB Micro-SD card holds approximately 20 8-10 MB...
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The Curricu-Chip ™ 2GB SD


The Curricu-Chip 2GB SD card is the perfect starter chip for your personal learning curriculum. Even older devices support this size chip, and it is a common form of storage for many devices such as digital cameras. The 2GB card holds approximately 20 8-10 MB videos, about 6 hours of audiobooks, or hundreds of...
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About the Curricu-Chip ™


The Curricu-Chip ™ makes everything in The LearnAbout learning system work faster, even when you are not connected to the web. Each Curricu-Chip is custom loaded with curriculum items according to your selections from our growing list of educational resources. What’s even better, many of our content providers have published their materials under a...
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Guide to Shelley’s Ode to the West Wind


This eReadUp Guide to Shelley’s most famous poem contains chapters offering an overview by Canto, an overview of Shelley’s works, a guide to the poetic form of the “ode,” and other background information that will allow every student to comprehend more readily both the words and the significance of Shelley’s great work. Download for...
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Algebra 1, Part One


This beginning Algebra textbook is drawn from the first three chapter of the complete textbook developed by CK12, a non-profit organization striving to create the finest free textbooks in the world. Part One includes chapters entitled: Equations and Functions Real Numbers Equations of Lines Part One includes complete student exercises, and is complemented by...
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The Beginner’s American History


This illustrated Amercican history is organized around the great people who made the history, from Columbus to Abraham Lincoln. Pitched to students at the middle level, this anecdotal narrative brings history to life through an exploration of the lives of those who struggled with exploration and discovery to those who defined the very meaning...
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Kepler and the Search for Life Beyond Earth


Created as a high-interest eReadUp, this supplemental science book chronicles the exploits of the Kepler Spacecraft and its quest to discover planets outside our own solar system that might, just might, harbor life. Known as “Goldilocks planets” because they are neither too cold not too warm, these astronomical bodies are extremely elusive to discover...
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