About Us

LearnAbout Labs is dedicated to exploring the best in mobile learning, with an emphasis on the needs of the individual learner. Launched in 2010 as the offspring of eReadia LLC, a leading digital-only publisher and developer of the online reference e-book builder eReadups and the e-book authoring site The Writerhood, LearnAbout Labs searches for the best in e-books, e-textbooks, ereading devices, and online tools. The culmination of research and testing is The LearnAbout, an e-learning device that combines onboard resources and Internet connectivity to bring everything that a learner requires to his or her fingertips.

The LearnAbout is a device devoted to learning, whether connected to the internet in a school or coffee shop or offline in a park or remote location. The LearnAbout acquires and stores all the texts, videos and audios necessary for a complete course of study at the secondary level.

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