About the Curricu-Chip ™

Curricu-ChipThe Curricu-Chip ™ makes everything in The LearnAbout learning system work faster, even when you are not connected to the web. Each Curricu-Chip is custom loaded with curriculum items according to your selections from our growing list of educational resources. What’s even better, many of our content providers have published their materials under a Creative Commons license that means you can use the resources for free! All you pay for is the chip itself and the process of encoding it with your selected materials.

Curricu-Chips can also be loaded with materials under copyright. These chips are more expensive because LearnAbout Labs must pay the authors a fee for selling you their materials. It is easy to determine which materials carry extra fees because every resource you select for your Curriu-Chip carries its own price tag. All of the fees for the chip and the preparation of your materials are included in the cost of the chip itself.

So, shop the site for texts and audiobooks and videos, load them into the cart as you find them, and then add the appropriate Curricu-Chip to hold them all. Then technicians here at the Lab will prepare your custom chip with all selected materials and ship it to you right away!

How can I tell which kind of chip to purchase?

Depending on the device you will be using the chip with, you can select SD cards and Micro-SD cards of varying capacities. Check the specifications for your device to determine exactly which Curricu-Chip to purchase. If you are purchasing the LearnAbout itself, you are provided with a 2GB chip that will work perfectly with the device you have selected. Just put all the materials you want into the cart and let the Lab technicians take care of the rest.

How many books, audios, and videos can I fit on a Curricu-Chip?

In order to ensure that your Curricu-Chip functions properly, we have rated them for you and indicated about how many books, videos, and audios will fit on your chip. If you follow our guidelines and your materials require more than one chip, the second chip is on us!

Will my Curricu-Chip work on devices other than my LearnAbout?

In most case the answer is YES! Many laptop and netbook computers have SD-card slots that may accommodate your Curricu-Chip. You can always see what devices are supported when you select your chip, but the list is not meant to be comprehensive. Most Curricu-Chips will work on any device which has the appropriate sized card slot to support the chip.